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June 29, 2002- Well kids. Uncle Shak has did it this time. He has -the tremors- in his bass hand and has been permanently retired from DoubleWide. We ain't gonna miss him much, cuz we'll see him at the Circle K gettin his hootch, and his trailer is only 2 spaces down....

Anyways... Lou D Chris is now on Bass!! (He usta play bass for legendary Oxnard, CA punk band Ill Repute!) We have cousin Cullen "Skid" Marks on Drums! Former drummer for SB Nardcore band Rat Pack!!! He is dubbed "THE LOUDEST DRUMMER IN SANTA BARBARA" Come see why....We hope to lock in permanent drummer or upright bass player soon! But the Mighty DoubleWide keeps rollin! We have some shows booked for July and Fiesta Santa Barbara Aug. 2nd. Show up cuz that's Lou D. Chris' Birfday. MacKenzie Park in SB! HUGE fun!

February 11, 2002- Your computer rocks to the first single "Mullet, Sweet Mullet" from upcoming Ep! to listen, go to sounds section! or

January 27, 2002- Santa Barbara Mark-O and Lou D. are in Cullen Mark's Living room studio recording previously unrecorded songs for release of upcoming EP. for release in early 2002. Lou D. is tracking bass as Shak T. is still in rehab. The prognosis for Shak is NOT good.


January 11, 2002- Santa Barbara
Shak T. Bone Upright bassman and grill master for DoubleWide has returned to Rehab after falling off the wagon again and disfiguring Bass hand. Lou D. Chris has stopped production of patented "Jail Wine Deluxe". The position of Bass Master will be filled by various "Cousins" until permanent replacement or miracle cure is found. For more info and to try out, e-mail Lou D. Chris at


Rocktober 3, 2001- Santa Barbara

Hey Guys and Gals! Thanks for turning out for our Backyard BBQ Tour 2001! You guys are the coolest fans! We got more fun and frolic in October !!!

Wed Oct. 17 The Mighty DW is playing with a VERY cool band ROCKET 350, Rockabilly Mayhem (Athens, GA). We will have No Cover and FREE BBQ at 7 PM with Grill Master Shak Q'ing it up.with special guests, DUNE. DON'T Miss it!

One week Later - Come see us in Ventura at Bubba's Lounge - Tues Oct. 24 As DW supports BIG JOHN BATES and the FURYS Psychobilly from Canada!

Saturday Rocktober 27 it's HellBilly Halloween !!!! DW headlines the Living Room! $5 gets you kids in and swinging with the DEADBILLYS, FRED's GARAGE and The Suicide Doors! DRESS UP AND ENTER THE COSUME CONTEST !!! GREAT PRIZES !!!

November 15 (Thurs.) NICHOLBY'S Ventura - LUCK OF THE DRAW and DOUBLEWIDE! 2 band show! gets you to bed early!

August 6, 2001- Santa Barbara

Let us know what you think! e-mail us!

August 1, 2001- Santa Barbara
DoubleWide Is in Cully Studios recording their five song demo "GrillBilly™.
Things are going real good says Mark-O, singer of DW.

"We love to play live" states resident drum basher, Lou D. Chris. "But the studio is fun too. We just want stripped down in yer face Rock n Roll on cd like with that live sound.

Shak T. The Upright Bass King and BBQ Master says "Eat Meat" and continued by saying "Mmmmmmm"